In India landslide investigations dates back to 1880 with the pioneer work by R.D. Oldham on the stability of the hill slope of Nainital town. This was followed by the Gohana slide studies in 1894 by T.H. Holland. The track record of significant investigations of landslides is still continuing with buzzing activities at different centres located along the length and breath of the country.
R. K. Avasthy
Editorial Board  
Amod Gujral (Lucknow), Bhoop Singh (New Delhi), Piyoosh Rautella (Dehradun), S. M. Ramasamy (Tiruchirappalli), T. N. Singh (Mumbai), Zahid Husain (Shillong).
Project Advisor  
D. K. Bannerjee (Lucknow), Chayanika Dwivedi (Bangalore).
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Pramod Konwar (Finance), B. K. DebRoy (Legal), Z. A. Ansari (Liaison)
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Indian Landslides is a biannual journal dedicated to the studies of landslides and associated environmental problems.  It is published in May and November of each calendar year.

The manuscripts written in English and typed on one side is double space in A4 size plain white paper along with display items as per the details given below may be sent to :  The Editor, Indian Landslides, Pavan Chayan, C-1/149, Sector-G, Jankipuram, Lucknow-226 021

Two hard copies of the manuscript(s) are required to be submitted along with the soft copy (MS Word format, Times New Roman, 12 point font size with full title in capital letters, author(s) name and address in sentence case with email-ID in italics) in a CD with a certificate that the material under submission has not been published previously and nor it is under consideration for publication elsewhere.  It is also to be stated that if accepted for publication.  It will not be published elsewhere.  That its publication has been approved by the concerned authorities at the Institution where the work was carried out.

The manuscripts may belong to any one of the following categories

» General articles (5000 words with maximum five essential display items)
» Research articles (5000 words with maximum five essential display items)
» News (1000 words)
» Reports (1500 words)
» Book Reviews (1500 words)

The manuscripts submitted should have all the pages numbered consecutively from title page to references.  The figures and plates should also be arranged sequentially and numbered.

The title should be brief and reflective of the basic theme of the article having conformity with the normal indexing of subject discipline.  A maximum of five singular keywords may be indicated.  The abstract should elaborate the root idea of the work, procedures adopted, and results obtained in a maximum of 100 words. The Societal Relevance of the studies presented in the paper are to be detailed in 100 words(equal to abstract).  The text may be divided into different sub headings beginning with the brief introduction and ending with acknowledgement followed by list of references that have been cited in the text.  Any other related references should be grouped under “Further Readings”.  All the references are required to be arranged and numbered in accordance of their citation in the main text.  The figures should be well illustrated for better printing/reproduction.  The original figures along with two sets of the copies should be submitted.  In case, map of India is forming part of the manuscript then it should conform to the standard of the official map released by the Survey of India.  All lettering on plates and figures should be bold and large enough to be legible even after their reduction to printing size.  The acknowledgement may be very brief as far as possible.

General articles may include review material, state-of-art techniques including multi disciplinary approach in context of landslides and natural hazards,  that may create interest in non professionals or general readers also.

Research articles are designed to record results of research including methodology, results obtained, and their implications.

News deals with the reporting of significant scientific or natural event which has impact on general masses or that are of social significance.

Reports are to be generated cut of technical deliberations of the meetings, seminars, conferences etc.  The basic idea generated during such events is more important for communications rather than list of participants and their presentations.

Book reviews of the selected books are to be published in the interest of professionals and non professionals.  The photograph(s) submitted may be considered for cover page for which high resolution photograph and/or transparency is required.

All articles published in this journal are protected by copyright, which cover the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article.



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